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Welcome! I am unique in my zest for life. I am 77 years young and I love and embrace life more each day. I listen to people with my heart. When I take on a role, I listen to my character the same way. I tell her story from a genuine place. It's honest. In addition, my word is my word. I am dependable and not afraid of hard work. So...keep watching! 


Pauline started her training with AMTC (Actors, Models, Talent for Christ). Through their program and their Shine Finale in Florida, she received the award for the overall outstanding female lifestyle model and actress in the category, age 30 and above. She then attained her manager and agent. She is currently studying with the renowned acting coach, Steven G. Lowe, at The Actors Room in Los Angeles.

Pauline’s Philosophy: Sassy at 60, Sensational at 70, Elegant at 80. Pauline recently wrapped production as 'Carol Singer' on the feature film "Fragile Heart" streaming on Amazon Prime, and many other platforms. Among her many accomplishments, Pauline's ambition is to inspire seniors to live life to the fullest. Meaning she would love to encourage seniors to exercise to improve their health, to get off medication if possible, and for them to know that there is beauty at all ages. In 2018, Pauline entered the Ms. Senior Orange County pageant and won! Having accomplished this goal Pauline was invited to enter the 2018 Ms. Senior California Pageant where she placed 1st runner up and was voted by her peers Ms. Congeniality 2018. Pauline is currently Ms. Senior California 2019-2020 and was again voted Miss Congeniality by her peers. She competed in the 2019 Ms. Senior America pageant in New Jersey celebrating their 40th anniversary and she places in the top 10. Pauline is working on publishing a children’s book series. She is currently seeking a partner to create a beautiful line of clothing for seniors, from bathing suits to evening gowns. One of Pauline’s greatest treasures is spending time with her children, grandchildren, siblings, or friends.

Pauline is inspired to DREAM BIG, by the greatest swimmer ever, Michael Phelps. He says, “You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.”


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